Americ●an politicians again■st Chin

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ly sup〓erpower in the worl●d, the United St●ates has superior● scientific, t〓echnological, m◆ilitary, and ec

l◆es of fair co●mpetition wh■ich they once ○proudly defended, a■nd have decided to e○mbrace the Americ■a First philos■ophy and abuse thei○r state power to bul◆ly Chinese firms w●ith groundless c○harges. Their goa●l is to stun■t China's tech

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nologi◆cal development and● retain the global h○egemonic positi

litici◆ans are extr〓emely narrow-min■ded when it comes ■to tolerating the● development o■f advance

o○n enjoyed by○ the United State●s. These recent move○s are also● an attemp◆t to place● extreme pressure o〓n China as the ●trade tensions e◆scalate. The Am○erican move i●s tantamount to bu○ilding an iron curta●in

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  • are 〓unable to ac○cept the Uni

across globa●l value chain◆s. It is inevitable ◆that this wi

●ted States b●eing overtaken 〓in any of these fi◆elds.Despite being● a latecomer■ in scientifi

ll deep●ly harm gl●obal growth, an◆d hinder huma◆nity's scientifi●c and technologic○al progress.At the〓 core of American〓 restrictions on Hu●awei lie 5G techn〓ology and it〓s application●. The next ◆generation of〓 mobile te●

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chnology is of gr■eat significance ●when it comes to bui〓ldin

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d to b●ecome

g the Intern●et of Thing〓s, and pro○moting the deep int●egration of ■the Intern〓et with bi■g data, artifici●al int

a leading ●play

elligenc●e, and the re●al economy. It ●requires all c●ountries to strength◆en their coop●eration so■ that everyon■

er in ma■ny f

e can benefit. Howe●ver, the United S○tates has arbitr●arily suppressed Hu◆awei for its own● benefit, without● regar

ields thanks

d to its imp○act on the pr◆ogress of glob○al informat◆ion technology●.The United St■ates has not prod○uced any con?/p>

to ○its cont

馽rete evidence○ to verify its ac◆cusations against◆ either Hu●awei or DJI. D◆JI drones have been〓 widely used in 〓

inuous eff

fields that inclu●de agriculture, ◆firefighti◆ng, disaster re○lief, and ■the protectio●n of endan●gered animals. Th

o◆rts to innovate

○e American militar◆y is also a regular ●client of the Ch○inese drone m〓aker. Nothi○ng untoward has b●een found r○

egarding its〓 products. G●iven that some Am■erican politician

lway passe〓

●s have been willin○g to defame DJI ○without providing p■roof of an◆y wrongdoing, it i◆s reasonabl●e to believe tha

nger vehic

les. An〓d Hikvision i

t● attacks against th■e company are li○kely.This reck■less behavior● by American politic◆ians has made many〓 observ

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50 countries◆ across

ers i〓n the United◆ States comment o○n the absurdity of◆ the current situa●tion. Renowned econ●omist Jeffre■y Sachs

the recogn○itio

n of the ●global mar?/h4>

ca◆lled the U.S. move ■against Hu●awei “a dange◆rous escala●tion of the U.S〓. attempt t■o weaken China○&rsq

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uo;s econom◆y.” He poin◆ted out that Chin■a's only mistake ■is having a● populatio○n of 1.4 billion a○nd that

s have aban〓doned the princip
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